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5 de março de 2018

Wishlist Stylewe 2018

Today I bring a Post about the Stylewe store. I have a wishlist with exclusive pieces that are fashionable.

If you like to walk in fashion, walking beautiful and stylish is to pay little, then come and visit the Stylewe store, which is a gringa store and sells beautiful clothes and wonderful shoes.

I am delighted by the new Stylewe collection, it has trendy clothes, tasteful stylish pieces for you who loves to be fashionable.
And you find clothes for any occasion and style. So if you have a wedding party to go in Stylewe you will find beautiful party dresses.

And if your style is tumblr in Stylewe you will find several stylish pieces.
And if you like a more social style at the Stylewe store you find social shirts and wonderful social pants to make you look stylish and trendy.

In the Stylewe store you will also find a variety of shoes, if you are looking for stylish and different boots at Stylewe you will find, and if you are looking for comfortable shoes for sure at Stylewe have, and for you that have a stylish party to go and want to arrazar In Look, Stylewe has wonderful sandals.

See the pieces that I loved the most at the Stylewe store to assemble my Wishlist !!
Fashion trends 2018 in Stylewe !!!


We last fashion shows, we saw that the chess arrived with full force.

Chess is the stamp of the moment. The geometric designs have everything in this winter season and allow multiple productions for day to day looks - from the casual to the most elegant.
One also deceives those who think that a chess piece may be the only stamped part of the production. The fashion is now playing with the mix of prints - for this, ideally they are in the same color palette, leaving the look more harmonic. Or, then, mix with other chess pieces!

The return of the chess trend reappears in modern looks, in pieces that are high, such as the mid-skirt - in combinations with jeans shirts, basic t-shirts or even a turtleneck (another super trend), the look is a great option for more elegant occasions.

The chess dresses also came back with very modern models. The differential lies in the combination, with accessories and shoes. Socks 7/8, slip-on sneakers and small boots are examples of "trends" that are in high and super match with chess!

The plaid shirt is really eternal! Combine her with a destroyed pants, a miniskirt or even a piece of another print - versatility is the word! And since we're in the cold season, it's worth investing in the chess and chess cardigans as well.

Bet without fear in pieces with this pattern, whether day or night, from work to the ballad, because you can make a good mix of prints and compose something more stripped. The important thing is to feel good and always be comfortable with what you are wearing!
Inspire yourself in some catwalk looks and give your personal touch to the composition.


One of the prints that will arrive strong in 2018, after having been on many catwalks of 2017, is that of stripes.
A classic is a classic. The stripes are unanimous for the practicality and the infinite combinations. Although, in the recent past, rules were propagated as to its use. But we have overcome this moment, and liberated to wear stripes with floral, checkered, plaid ... There are no limits! To leave the sameness, the fashionistas are betting on the vertical stripes.

It sounds like a silly change, but the vertical stripe makes all the difference. So much so that it is predicted to rise to the spring / summer of 2018. In addition to fashion, stretch the silhouette. All the best in one print!

On the catwalks, the vertical stripes were presented in various ways, all supercool. Thin, thick, colorful, p & b. Not counting the different materials and fabrics. There is no way not to get carried away with this trend.

To stay tuned with the trend it is interesting to look for a part where the stripes have movement.

Escape the commonplace, bet on pieces that have a more differentiated modeling to enhance the print.

Max Flores

Another pattern that is trend is the floral max.The floral motifs began to gain more prominence appearing larger in the pieces.

The floral prints arrive with their MAX version, where delicate and symmetrical flowers give space for ever larger prints and with different patterns. You will find the designs in the already known long dresses, but the flowers will also be present in skirts, croppeds, shirts with maxi sleeves, frilly looks, transparencies, applications ... will have for all tastes!

Something curious, is that, the main brands chose to use this print in pieces with more creative and daring modeling.

Forget the long and basic dresses when thinking of floral, open the mind to blouses with buffing sleeves and pencil skirt and cropped top sets.

Pants pantalona

The panty pants on the runways and women's wardrobe have been around since the middle of 1909. Initially, pantalona was not well accepted in the female universe, mainly because until the 1930s, women wore no pants and were only well seen in skirts and dresses.

It can be used during the day and at night. For the night in a bar, ballad or other event the pant can give good compositions. On these occasions, the black pants are a piece that falls well with social shirts or cool t-shirts, generating a more bare air.

The model of pantalones pantalona for the day has to prezar by the comfort and freshness, mainly in the hotter seasons. For this, the ideal is to choose lighter colors and lighter fabrics. In addition to also abusing the prints. Footwear, slippers, espadrilles and high-heeled shoes can be good options.


pantacourt is on the rise! This model of pants is able to unite modernity and sophistication in an impeccable way. Therefore, the short pant, as well as the long pant, can be used on several occasions and adapts in all styles and body types.

For the use of pantacourt follows the same ideas of the pantalona. For the day are indicated lighter fabrics and more colorful prints. Being able to complete the look with regatas, t-shirts, tennis shoes, espadrilles and sandals.

For the night, the black pantacourt is able to guarantee a very modern model for a party, bar or ballad. In that case, the tip is to invest in the monochrome, the gloss or the compositions with cropped and t-shirts more detached.

The models give a wonderful comfort to the pantacourt, great for a long day of work, without letting it look sloppy since most of the versions we see are either nobler or more drawn fabrics for the tailoring.

If you work in a more informal place, you can combine it with more sleeveless blouses. If the dresscode asks for something more formal, bet on blouses with more interest and put into the waistband. The jump, even if soft, also helps to make it look elegant.

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"liked to know the store? Do not forget to visit the site and check out all these wonders and also in the brand blog!"

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